Thursday, January 14, 2010

End of year festivities

Shaner and Len looking at the awesome Christmas lights. She loved the horse too.
Chillin at Gramps for Christmas eve. My beautiful sisters!

Island Park... snow time! Leni looked so cute in her new snow clothes.

She has a very funny personality, I love it!

Shane and his gorgeous sis.


Luke and Amy Aplington said...

love it! miss you guys.

spencerandmolly said...

so so cute. i love her outfit with the yellow pants.

Kem said...

Leni is so dang cute and she is getting so big. We miss you guys around here, but at least we can still keep in touch, thank you facebook and blogs.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Hi Hailey! Kem gave me your blog address. Leni is so stinkin' cute! We miss "girl power"! Mia was just asking me the other day when you guys were going to move back here. Miss you!

Brynnly and Alan said...

Fun times! I want Carries shirt! So sassy! :D