Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Pics

My sis took pics of us while we were up in Idaho this weekend.  I feel lucky to have such talented family members! 


Brynnly and Alan said...

Very cute! It's so great having a photographer in the fam, isn't it?! Love it!

tessa said...

okay, those are freaking cute!!! i am absolutely loving them. did you curl lenis hair?

keva said...

Hay! Cute pics! Kyd and I flip over how talented you girls are (& it really makes me miss Heather.) I don't know if u knew or not but Kyd had brain surgery wed. and another surgery tomorrow. Anyway, things r goin good but I once saw u & your sis made headbands. I was wondering if I paid u if u would make 1 for Kyd. I just want her to have some cute things to cover her huge scar she will have & I know it will mean more if sh knows u made it. :) I hope your fam. is doin great!! Tell your mom we love her! love, Keva :)

Cara said...

It's Cara.... HOW ARE YOU?! Your family is beautiful! So happy I found your blog! What a sweet little one you have! Please e-mail me your phone # and e-mail so I can catch up with you and your life! I LOVE YOU! It has been so long!