Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More summertime funness

We went boating with the family for a little reunion. It was so much fun! Leni loved watching everyone surfing and wakeboarding. She especially liked it when we would crash... seriously she thought it was hilarious! Oh my little angel has quite the sense of humor.

Shaner... woohoo!!
American Falls... glass... really... AMAZING!
Leni Bugs and Gramma Kat
Leni finally met her cousin Issac! He lives in Mexico, we were so happy to be able to spend some time with him in Rockville.
Leni and Great Grandma Maurine.
We were in Rockville for the 24th of July. We went to this little town celebration. It was great! I felt like I stepped back in time fifty years. Partly because the food was actually free!
Leni was saying "cheese" when I asked her too!
Thanks Grammy Della for breakfast... it was delicious... loves xoxo!!


Alyssa said...

Seriously it would be so fun to get together and see how the kids have changed! I love your family picture at the top! Looks like you guys are having a fun summer! Lets try to get together next weekend!!

spencerandmolly said...

oh these are so fun. I'm jealous of all the boating you've been doing. Can't wait for this weekend!!!!

Christy said...

Hailey! i don't know if you remember - but i was friends with Heather in Jackson. YOur mom gave me your blog info :) I love it - you are SO cute!!

I have a blog as well, but it is private - send me an email at cmoysh@yahoo.com and i will add you.

PS - Nikki did the Little Red race as well - too bad she didn't run into your mom...that would have been SO fun!!

tessa said...

i'm so bummed i missed seeing you guys in utah. thanks for all the pics, they are so cute!!

you and shane should check out our blog if you want a good laugh!

love you.